Timothy James (TJ) DiNozzo

Scion of Luccio / Shadow of Anastasia


Template: Wizard
High Concept: Scion of Luccio
Trouble Concept: Shadow of Anastasia
Other Aspects: Independent Streak; No Rest for the Weary; Keep the Watch-fire Burning; Read the Book Before You Burn It; Connected, not Handcuffed

Superb (5) Discipline, Endurance
Slots: 2
Great (
4) Lore, Craftsmanship
Slots: 2
Good (3) Conviction, Resources
Slots: 2
Fair (
2) Alertness, Weapons
Slots: 2
Average (+1) Guns, Athletics
Slots: 2

Physical (Endurance): 4
Mental (Conviction): 4
Social (Presence): 2

Armor, Etc.:

Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2
Mild P -2
Moderate Any -4
Severe Any -6
Extreme Any -8 Replace Permanent

Power Level: Chest Deep
Skill Cap: Superb +5
Skill Points Spent: 30
Total Available: 30
Current Fate Points:
Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 1
Current FP: 2

Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-3 Evocation (Page 180)
-3 Thaumaturgy (Page 181)
-1 The Sight (Page 174)
-0 Soulgaze (Page 174)
-0 Wizard’s Constitution (Page 170)

-Elements: Fire, Earth, Spirit
-Control Bonus: Spirit/Force +1

-Complexity: Wards Bonus +1

Focus Items:
-Hammer (1 Offensive Conviction, Earth)
-Ring (
1 Offensive Conviction, Fire)
-Ward Necklace (+1 Defensive Conviction, Spirit)

Enchanted Items:
-Hanky Full ’o Sunlight
-1 slot open for potions, etc…

Total Refresh Adjustment: -7

Scutum Fortis: (Spirit Block, 4 Shifts) Creates a shimmering tower shield that acts as either Armor or a block. TJ uses one shift for persistence, so he can do something else in the following exchange without renewing the shield. Requires the ward necklace.
Malleus Fulgis: (Earth Attack, 4 Shifts) Creates a bolt of lightning that strikes a single target (Weapon: 3). TJ uses one shift to restrict the strike from continuing through nearby conductive materials. Requires the Hammer to cast.
Terra Infirma: (Earth Attack, 4 Shifts) This is the classic “Earthquake” spell, targeting every person along a straight line. Opposed with Athletics. If they fail, the target has the sticky aspect Knocked Prone applied to him. Variations: With an invocation of a scene aspect—Loose Objects or Old Masonry—could damage items in the line of attack. Requires the Hammer.
Spheri Flammae: (Fire Attack, 4 shifts) Summons 4 small globes of fire (each Weapon: 1), which can be targeted individually, but must be fired at the same time. Requires the ring.


Medium-sized Warehouse with loft apartment and large open area located near Memphis Metal Museum. Basic forge setup in warehouse (Average quality Workshop). Army surplus Jeep.


Background: “Base Metal”
Family are downtown Memphis restauranteurs, but TJ’s relationship with them is somewhat distant. Went to “Private School” after talent was discovered (about age 13-14) Learned of his relation to Luccio at that time, but did not understand what that meant. His separation left him somewhat isolated. (Ref.: “Turn Coat”, pg. 204 [hardback])
Phase Aspect: Independent Streak
Invoke: When alone in trouble, to go against the crowd.
Compel: Admitting he needs help, Social Interaction.

Rising Conflict: “Forge Hardened”
Apprenticed to an “Old School” wizard, Nicholas Crane. Crane was a wizard who specialized in enchantment, a skill which TJ had shown an early faculty in. He also believed in hard labor- that a wizard should be able to push his body as hard as he pushes his magic. “Just because you’re Luccio’s spawn doesn’t get you a free pass, boy.”
Phase Aspect: No Rest for the Weary
Invoke: To endure hardship, To finish the job.
Compel: Trouble keeps finding him; Things are never easy.

The Story: “Hammer and Tongs”
Guest Starring: Salome Goodman, Derik Bones, Gabriel Price
Shortly after beginning his job at the Metal Museum, TJ began working on a new focus for his Earth magic, a hammer with a head of meteoritic iron from a meteor strike in July of 2009 (ref.: http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/2009/07/tennessee-meteor-news-fiery-fast-moving.html). Unbeknownst to him, a warlock named Ivan Isstvan. was seeking the same chunk of iron to attempt contacting a being of the Outer Dark (a breach of the 7th Law). Ivan hired a mortal PI, Derik, to track down the meteorite. In addition, Ivan kidnapped a local practitioner who was a relative of Salome; Salome agreed to help TJ find the warlock. They tracked him to a swampy area near Tunica, and managed to defeat him just before he sacrificed the woman, which would have completed the ritual. They were assisted by Gabriel, who was tracking the Warlock for his own reasons. Ivan’s body was not recovered, but he is assumed to be dead.
Phase Aspect: Keep the Watch-fire Burning
Invoke: To protect his territory, those under his watch, Alertness.
Compel: Can’t give up the watch; overly protective, especially about Downtown.

Guest Star: “Bridge Battle”
With: Walter “Smash” Kowalski, Gabriel Price
TJ discovered that a troll had been ravaging the area around the Frisco Railroad bridge. While attempting a spell to find the troll, he instead was led to “Smash,” a troll changeling. After a bit of a stand-off, he and “Smash” worked together to defeat the troll, One-Fang, who was attacking Gabriel at the time; “Smash” has since adopted the bridge as his own.
Phase Aspect: Read the Book Before You Burn It
Invoke: To dig past the surface. To see through lies/illusions.
Compel: Overly curious. Can’t leave well-enough alone.

Guest Star Redux: “The New Sheriff in Town”
With: Leroy Jedediah Cobb, Salome Goodman
After 132 years stuck in the Nevernever, Cobb reappears and makes his way to Edinburgh. He then goes through a long debriefing by Anastasia and Morgan. They decide to allow him to take up his office as a warden again, but want to keep an eye on him. TJ and Salome are summoned to Edinburgh after graduating Camp Kaboom, and are told to pair up with him in Memphis. TJ in particular is picked since his attachment to Anastasia and Morgan will make it easier to keep an eye on Cobb. TJ agrees, begrudgingly, feeling Cobb has nothing to prove.
Phase Aspect: Connected, not Handcuffed
Invoke: To call on the warden hierarchy. To Strengthen Social interactions.
Compel: To force him to follow orders he doesn’t like. Leave no one behind.

Timothy James (TJ) DiNozzo

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